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Updates May 5

New Settings

  • Setting to restrict teams to single sign on (Google) only - now you can keep your team secure and enforce restrictions like 2FA on your Tandem team
  • Ability to disable chat or enable "hear before accept" as a team-wide admin setting
  • New Meeting Settings page that teaches you the different meetings features available


  • Small performance improvements during screenshare and background app usage
  • On Windows, turning off "Let my teammates know what I'm up to" and "Get on the same page" in Work App Sharing will give a performance improvement on slower machines
  • On Macbook Air (non-M1) machines, we automatically turn off GPU acceleration for improved performance

Other improvements

  • Fixed a bunch of minor bugs with in-call chat
  • New call data centers located in Japan (asia-northeast1), New York (us-east1), and Mumbai (asia-south1) for faster calls
  • Button to get an instant meeting link for meeting on Tandem
  • Support for multiple computers from the same user joining the call at the same time
  • Clear "waves" if you end up talking to the person
  • Lots of small fixes under the hood to call reliability and app usability

We also did a Desktop release (1.6.419) - see notes for that here.