, 2021

👥 Team Tables


Team Tables is a new casual conversation mode that allows you to co-work, be available to chat, and have spontaneous conversations with your teammates - just like working around a physical table.

You’ll start as Available, and you'll overhear other tables (you can control overhearing at any time). One early tester commented "The vibes feel like working in a coffee shop!"

Join a Table or click on a teammate to start talking. Want to focus for a bit? Go back to Available to co-work.

👉 To try this feature, admins can activate it in Settings > Team Settings > scroll to bottom: Team Tables

, 2021

Tandem 2.0 live on Product Hunt!

We started Tandem when my two co-founders each had kids and started working remotely. We missed the flow and camaraderie of working together, so we started building. Since then, my co-founders' kids are walking and talking (and high-fiving us on Tandem), and we've been joined by a truly world-class set of builders and thinkers that have pushed our vision of Tandem further and further.

It would mean a lot to us if you'd show us some love, leave a comment, or share with friends!

We're launching three major new features today on Product Hunt:

👥 Team Tables: a new casual mode to unlock serendipity and co-working!

📱 Android is here: It's a virtual office in your pocket!

📅 Never be late to a Meeting: stay in flow with Meeting Reminders and Auto-Join. No need to check your calendar!


, 2021

Virtual Backgrounds! + September updates

We recently launched background blur. Now by popular demand, we've added virtual backgrounds. Here's a demo video:

Screenshare improvements:

  • More bandwidth-efficient screenshare
  • Allow screenshare viewers to adjust the quality of the screenshare
  • while screensharing, fade cursors after 5 second of not moving
  • Ability to stop someone’s screenshare - e.g. if they forgot to stop screensharing (click on their name in the call box)


  • If someone’s in a Zoom/Meet meeting on Tandem, you can still call them (you'll be warned first)
  • In the Meeting Details side panel (click on a meeting title in the team list), you can invite meeting participants to Tandem in a click.

Other call improvements

  • Renamed “Start side conversation” to “Invite to a new conversation” in user menu
  • On a call, there's an “Add people” button in the triple dot menu
  • Leave calls quietly (only play a leave sound when you/they become the last person)
  • Small improvements to Same Room (hybrid calls) feature - e.g. the "Same Wifi Detected" dialog is always on top
  • Chat improvements: emoji responses are larger, shortcodes (like Slack, but no autocomplete), no jittering, delete or copy messages (right-click on the message), fix for double-sending messages on disconnect
  • Fixed cases where reconnect could get stuck
  • Fixed missing streams when other users reconnect
  • Fixed “chonky” video when HD mode and FPS mitigation kicks in
  • Fixed custom apps not showing up as presence on Windows
  • Fixed issues with Crosstalk being lost
, 2021

How to stay in flow when remote 🌊🏄

At Tandem, we're obsessed with simplicity, speed, and reducing friction - whether it's getting into a conversation, or collaborating in real time. Why? Of course fast, simple, intuitive tools feel awesome (e.g. Superhuman, Sublime Text). But more than that, speed allows you to stay in flow, spend less time on mechanics, and more time connecting.

When you're remote, it can be difficult to connect with your team while also staying in flow. Here are some tips:

Fewer meetings

For a quick chat, simply wave 👋 at a teammate who's free—like a tap on the shoulder. Or click ⏰ Notify me when free and Tandem will ping you when they're available and not in a meeting or room.

Wave and jump into a call
Notify when free will ping you when your teammate comes is available.

Auto-join meetings

No more nervously checking calendar! With Meeting Reminders, you can stay in flow until the last possible second. Works for both Tandem meetings and other services - e.g. Zoom, Meet. Go to Settings > Meetings.

Be a super-collaborator with shortcuts

  • Get everyone on the same page: No more: "Hey can you send me the doc?" - Instead, instantly send a link to your current active tab with Cmd+Shift+L (Ctrl-Shift-L on Windows).
  • Help a teammate: Click on your teammate's name for a tooltip for helpful actions. Instead of asking someone to screenshare → click + R to request screenshare. You can also end screenshare if they forget. Instead of asking someone to mute...just do them a favor and mute them - they'll get a polite notification.
  • Mute/unmute yourself with CMD+SHIFT+M (Ctrl-Shift-M on Windows) Modify and enable shortcuts for video and screen share in Settings > Preferences.

Walk & talk 🚶

Screen fatigue is the enemy of flow. Use our handy iOS app to stretch your legs on a walking 1-on-1, take a call on the go, or listen in to a room. Your virtual office in your pocket!

🍏 Download Tandem for IOS in the App Store
🤖 Get Tandem for Android in Google Store

What's your favorite way to stay in flow? Let us know!

What top teams say:

"Tandem is what's allowed us to function well as a distributed team. Our average meeting times are shorter than on Zoom, and there's less friction when you just need to talk to someone for a few minutes."

—Everett Cook, CEO - Rho Banking powers collaborative finance for fast-growing companies.

"Tandem gives us the space to work on things together, without having to schedule back-to-back meetings."

—Dani Sandoval, Dir. of Design - Chipper Cash is the leading platform for cross-border payments in Africa.

, 2021

July Updates

Call Reliability and Quality

  • Fix for missing (black) video streams in certain conditions.
  • Improved call setup experience.
  • Reduced frozen video issues.
  • Numerous other fixes, mitigations, and infrastructure improvements.

Tandem for iOS

👉 Get Tandem for iOS on the App Store 👈

Your virtual office—now in your pocket. Tandem for iPhone and iPad allows you to see who's talking on your team and join meetings, rooms, and conversations while on the go.

  • See who's around and tap on a teammate to 👋 wave or talk!
  • See what rooms or meetings are active, and 👂listen in with a tap.
  • Do a 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️walking 1-on-1 to break up the day.
  • Take your meetings on the go.
  • View screen share.
  • Audio-first experience, but you can also send and receive videos (beta)

Launch Zoom/Meet meetings from Tandem

Now, you can see, join, and launch Meet/Zoom meetings in Tandem.

When a meeting event has a Meet/Zoom (or other service), you can choose to start the meeting in Tandem or launch the conferencing service (admins can set team-wide defaults). Your teammates will see you in the meeting room on Tandem and can join you in Meet/Zoom.

You'll automatically leave the meeting room at the meeting end time, or you can click Leave to remove yourself from the meeting.

While on Meet/Zoom you can switch to Tandem in 1-click (meeting details panel → Switch to Tandem). All the participants will be added to a new Tandem call.

Never be late to a meeting: Meeting Reminders let you auto-join the meeting exactly on time, and will show both a Meet/Zoom button and a Tandem button. To activate, go to Settings > Meetings > Show meeting reminders.

In case you missed it:

  • G Suite Add-on to add Tandem meeting links to scheduled events. - Learn more
  • Meeting reminders - Never be late to a meeting - Learn more
  • Same Physical Room (prevent echo/feedback on hybrid calls) - Learn more
  • Notify me when a teammate is free - Learn more


  • 📡 Improved Google Calendar syncing
  • 🔗 Copying meeting links is now more accessible in and out of calls
  • 📆 Browser meetings are now supported in Safari (beta)
  • Hovering over teammates listening to Spotify shows cover art (requires Spotify integration)
  • Chat supports up to 30MB uploads
  • Mighty Browser is supported in Tandem
  • In the main app, calls now show profile images instead of a blue circle
  • Refreshed images and text in integration settings pages
  • Improved in-call More Options menu (three dots).
  • Mute everyone now mutes yourself as well.
  • Pressing CMD + W during a call will ask you to confirm before leaving
  • Added a setting for disabling same room wifi modal
  • Added a team admin setting to make meeting titles private
  • Starting or joining a crosstalk automatically unmutes you


  • Fixed bug where you call someone but they don't show up in your callbox right away
  • Fixed unanswered callers not leaving automatically
  • Fixed an issue with local time when hovering over a teammate tooltip
  • Fixed bug with empty video unit when toggling blur quickly
  • Fixed room covers not working properly
  • Fixed a few issues when using "Same room" feature (prevent echo and feedback during hybrid in-person / remote calls).
  • Fixed various call participant actions (invite participants, make dj, wave from details pane, click on music, call user from chat)
  • Fixed stuck members in call box
  • Fixed celebration emojis for web calls
  • Fixed for load more messages shown in call window
  • Fixed layout issues with small call window
  • Fixed screenshare overlay still hanging out after call is done
  • Fixed the scrollbar showing up sometimes on call window
  • Fixed window sizing causing windows to float to front
  • Fixed widescreen video streams looking squished