, 2022

Tandem new pricing and plans effective July 1

Thank you for using Tandem! We're so grateful for the feedback, encouragement, suggestions, and your general support. It has motivated us to improve Tandem.

Our goal with Tandem is to build the best virtual office to collaborate with your team—an app that's the fastest way to talk, and keeps your team connected no matter where they are. As a company, we’re working to create a sustainable business to keep delivering on this promise. To achieve this, we're introducing new pricing plans that will take effect July 1.

As an early-adopter, we want to give you a discount, as well as a heads-up. We hope these plans map to the value you get from Tandem, and allow your company to rely on Tandem for years to come!

New plans:

We've simplified pricing to four tiers based on your team size:

  • Up to 4 team members: Free
  • Up to 10 team members: $49/month or $499/year
  • Up to 50 team members: $99/month or $999/year
  • Unlimited team members: $399/month or $3999/year

View the plans and subscribe here: tandem.chat/pricing

Manage your subscription here: tandem.chat/auth/subscription

Note: If you have pricing questions around multiple teams with the same team members, please contact us at support@tandem.chat

Early access discount:

As a thank you, we’re temporarily offering 20% off our annual plans. Please upgrade to an annual plan by July 1, 2022 to take advantage of this offer.

Please reply to this email or send any questions and feedback to support@tandem.chat. Your thoughts, questions, and feedback are always welcome.


— Rajiv Ayyangar, Tandem CEO

, 2022

Drag & Drop, Mobile Web Meetings & In-Browser Guest Mode!

Drag & Drop

You can now "Drag & Drop" your teammates into calls, meetings, rooms or spaces! This will send the person you're trying to add a call request that they can accept to join the call, or decline if they're busy.


In-Browser Guest Mode

Your external guests can now join Tandem meetings in "Guest mode" directly from their browsers, sign-up is no longer required!

Mobile Web Meetings

Your teammates and guests can now join Tandem calls directly from their mobile web browsers. The Tandem mobile app is no longer required to take your calls on the go! For a better call experience, we still recommend downloading Tandem for iOS or Android.


Raise Hand Widget

By popular demand, the "Raise Hand" widget is here! This new meeting widget enables you to add yourself to an organized list. This is particularly useful if you take turns speaking during a meeting, or for Q&A sessions. Once you're done speaking, hit the "Done" button, and you'll be removed from the list.


Mobile Portrait Mode

Videos of teammates that join from the Tandem mobile app or Mobile Web are now displayed in "Portrait Mode".


Hybrid Spaces!

And in case you missed it - Hybrid Spaces are now available! Hybrid collaboration can be challenging. Remote teammates suffer from the "second-class citizen problem" - feeling excluded from spontaneous brainstorms, magic moments, and the creative energy of the office. Hybrid Spaces bridge the gap between remote and in-person teammates to make hybrid work the best of both worlds. Spaces are made up of multiple kiosks distributed across your office (open floor, meeting rooms, lounges...) to enable remote mobility and seamless interactions. Learn more about Hybrid Spaces!


Other Improvements

  • Teams with kiosk devices now have the ability to add kiosks to a meeting from the team list.
  • We've made some improvements to our video grid layout engine.
  • We now support multiple domains for teams.
  • And finally, stay tuned for our new iOS and Android apps with bug fixes and performance improvements.

— Rajiv

, 2022

Seamless Calendar Scheduling, In-Browser Meetings & Other Updates!

In-Browser Meetings

No desktop app? No problem! Anyone can now join your Tandem calls in browser. All you need to do is send them the meeting link. Here's where you can find it:

In-Browser Meetings

Cal.com + Tandem

Now you can schedule meetings with anyone using Tandem + Cal.com! With this integration, teammates and external guests can check your availability and book a meeting, and a Tandem link will automatically be added to the calendar invite.

Tandem Cal.com Integration

Google Calendar Integration

You can now schedule Tandem meetings directly from Google Calendar! Install the Tandem add-on or Chrome extension, and select "Tandem Meeting" as a video conferencing option next time you're scheduling a meeting. This will automatically add a tandem meeting link to your calendar invite.

Tandem Google Extension

Use Multiple Cameras

Show off all your good angles with Multicam™! Enable "use multiple cameras" in your video settings and check the ones you want to display.

Tandem Multicam™ Feature

Other Improvements

  • [mac] Added a new preference for whether Tandem should be visible on all workspaces.
  • Improved security of the Tandem app infrastructure through context isolation
  • Updated underlying Electron / Chrome infrastructure. This includes many bug fixes and security patches by the Chrome team
  • [mac] Universal installer for Apple Silicon and Intel Macs
  • [mac] Fixed bugs related to Tandem disappearing from Mac Dock by making “visible over fullscreen apps” a setting that can be toggled. This also improves the “visible over fullscreen apps” behavior to be more consistent.
  • [mac] Improved full-screen support and fixed weird issues when the call window is collapsed while in full-screen
  • [mac] Fixed cases where hardware encoding for video wasn’t being used. This should improve CPU usage during calls.
  • [windows] Added support for Brave browser app presence
  • [windows] Fixed additional cases where quitting Tandem causes leftover processes and high CPU usage

— Rajiv

, 2022

Meeting Widgets Are Here!

Supercharge your calls with meeting widgets - These lightweight apps help you stay organized, make your calls more engaging and more fun! You can trigger a timer, get a randomized list of participants, add agenda items or a poll, and even put on some background music to set the mood. Anybody can add/remove widgets and multiple people can interact with the same widget at the same time.

Meeting widgets! 

Timer Widget

Meetings usually involve a lot of brainstorming, or writing activities, that require you to set some time aside to do some thinking alone or in groups. When that happens, the timer widget helps you stay on track, and it comes with a few handy piggyback features; you can mute everybody on the call and you can also add background music. Which brings us to the next widget!

Music Widget

Change the mood in your meeting with one click! The music widget enables you to add ambient music from a variety of genres, and everybody gets to adjust their own volume. It can add nice pleasant vibes when people are filtering into the meeting, or at the end, when you're just chilling or co-working.

Standup Widget

One of the most common forms of meetings teams usually host are standups. With our widget, you can get a randomized list of meeting participants, and when someone's finished you can mark them (or they can mark themselves) as done, and this highlights the next person that's supposed to speak. It's a very simple way to keep your standup going, saves you a lot of phatic communication, and lets you focus on what matters most: connecting with your team.

Agenda Widget

Organize your discussion by adding items to the agenda widget. Everyone can contribute at the same time, you can edit items, and mark them as done once you've had a chance to go through them.

Poll Widget

The poll widget lets you take the pulse, at any given moment. You can add different options, and your team gets to decide what they want to go for, in one click.

🚀 Try meeting widgets on your next call and let us know what you think!

Not a Tandem user? Sign up for free!

— Rajiv

, 2021

December Updates

Remote Control

Now when you share your screen in Tandem, you can choose to let others in the call steer your computer with their mouse and keyboard. When you're done, easily switch it off with the click of a button or a keyboard shortcut.

Send messages to a meeting room before joining (coming soon)

If you're running late to a meeting, you can now click on a meeting and send a message to everyone attending. Chat is synced when you are in and out of the meeting.

Access unread messages in one place

If you've received a few unread messages in Tandem, you can now easily locate them, mark them as read, or jump to the appropriate convo.

You can now chat in rooms outside of calls, as well as recover links that were shared during a conversation in rooms.

Your teammates will be notified if you @-mention them or use @all.

Call window Usability improvements

We're introducing a new design to help with some long-standing usability issues. E.g. unintentionally leaving the call because the buttons are too crammed, or not being able to find some actions.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to disable mic auto-gain
  • Unread messages and @ mentions in chat
  • In Chat, you can now type emojis by typing colon and then filtering through the list
  • Web Meeting experience improvement
  • Dozens of fixes and updates to improve reliability