, 2022

Dial in / out from Tandem meetings

If you are on a paid Tandem plan, you can add a dial-in PIN to your Tandem meetings.

If you are scheduling a new meeting, use the New Meeting button:

Then, when you Schedule your meeting, you will be taken to Google Calendar with a PIN number populated in the description.

If you are already in a Tandem call and wish to add a dial-in option, you can use the three-dot menu in the call window:

This adds the dial-in widget with instructions you can give to your teammates who want to call in:

We currently only support a US phone number for dial-in, but this also adds the ability to dial-out, which supports world-wide dialing in most countries. Just type in the phone number (including country code) of the phone you wish to call and Tandem (through Twilio) will make the outgoing call.

, 2022

Tandem for employee onboarding

Tandem is especially helpful when it comes to supporting and mentoring new teammates. Here's a few tips for how to leverage Tandem as you scale your team.

Wave for quick questions

If your new teammate has a question, waving at you can be a great way to initiate a short conversation instead of relying on async chat. When they wave at you you'll receive a desktop notification. If you click on it you'll enter into a call with them, or you can always wave back at them or call them later.

Hang in a Tandem rooms for support and co-working

Another thing your teammate can do when they have a question or when they want to signal they're open to conversation is hang out in a Tandem room. Create a room for this function and when people join that room, you'll receive a desktop notification. Whenever you're free, you or others on your team can pop in to check in on them,  work alongside them.

Get notified when someone is available

Tandem gives your new teammate a sense of your presence (if you're busy, in a meeting, in focus mode) but if your teammate wants to contact you while you're busy, they can have Tandem "notify when free"

, 2022

Adding a Room, Music room, or Hybrid Space

Rooms, Music Rooms, and Hybrid Spaces are always-on places for conversation that you and your teammates can join to connect spontaneously.

They can be used for co-working, casual conversation, new-hire onboarding, support, or collaboration.

Each can have tailored membership, and each member can choose whether or not they'd like to receive desktop notification invitations whenever teammates join that room.


These are ideal for remote teams!

Teams often have one room per team, per function, or per project. In general, the fewer rooms your team has, the greater the likelihood of "running into" teammates in a given room.

Since rooms can be used in a number of ways, it's a good idea to brainstorm and iterate with your team about how you'd like to use them. Teams will need to keep the app open throughout their day to allow for spontaneous encounters to be possible.

Music rooms

If many or most of your teammates have Spotify Premium, then adding a music room can be a great way to listen to music together while co-working.

The first teammate to join a Music Room is the DJ, and the DJ can make another teammate in the call the DJ by clicking on their name in the call window.

Note: Teammates without Spotify Premium will not be able to listen to music in Music Rooms.

Hybrid Spaces

For teams that have a physical office (or two!) Hybrid Spaces allow remote teammates to visit the office through any number of camera + mic + screen kiosks placed in that office.

This allows for a strong degree of spontaneous connection with remote teammates and reduces friction to casual conversation, quick chats, or impromptu collaboration.

If you have at least 5 people per day in the office and are curious to learn more about our newest initiative, please contact us at hybrid@tandem.chat

, 2022

Tandem & Cisco Webex

Auto-join Webex meetings directly from Tandem and share your status with your team!

Tandem is a virtual office for remote and hybrid teams. See who’s around, talk, and share your screen in one click. Tandem integrates with Webex to automatically launch you into meetings at the scheduled time. Your meeting status is broadcasted to your team, so your colleagues can find you and pull you into meetings if your presence is needed.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to integration works, and how to set it up.

How does it work?

Get meeting reminders and auto-join from Tandem

Tandem will send you meeting reminders in the form of desktop notifications (3-10 minutes before your Webex call, depending on your preference). By selecting “Auto-Join”, Tandem will automatically launch your Webex call when the meeting starts. You can also start the meeting directly from the desktop notification.

Join Webex meetings from the Tandem App

You can start or join any Webex meeting directly from the Tandem app. This also allows you to add any teammates that are available to your Webex calls.

Broadcast your status to your team

Once you are on a Webex call, Tandem will automatically show your team that you are “In a Meeting”, and display the Webex app next to you. If you enabled the Tandem/Slack integration, Tandem will also automatically update your Slack status to show that you are in a meeting.

How do I set it up?

Sign up for Tandem here.

Download the desktop app here, so you can Tandem notifications.

Invite your team to Tandem, this will allow your teammates to see your status and availability in real time, and be added to your calls in one click.

Make sure you connect your Google or Outlook Calendar. This will allow you to get notifications about upcoming meetings and join directly from the Tandem app. To connect your calendar, on your Tandem app, go to Settings > Google Calendar or Outlook/ICS > Connect.

Once these steps are completed, you should be all set - Enjoy the Tandem & Webex integration!

For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@tandem.chat

, 2022

The quickest way to pilot Tandem

If you're considering checking out Tandem with your team, it's possible to test the promise of improved communication and collaboration within a few days without doing much project management or internal selling.

Most teams have adopted Tandem casually from the bottom up and our flexible free trial period means you can just jump into the pool to see how the water feels.

You can snag an invite link to your Tandem team by clicking on the plus sign in the Tandem app.

If you want to take a more intentional approach than just dropping an invite link in Slack, here's a few ideas:

Choose a team or two to start

Starting with focused groups allows for more a more intentional and iterative pilot. Ideally, start with people that tend to communicate with each other frequently throughout the week since they'll find an organic fit with Tandem out of the gate.

Move your meetings to Tandem for one week

Move any meetings that only involve those people to Tandem (ie: team syncs, daily standups, and 1<>1s) for one week.

We have two simple ways to get Tandem meeting links into Google Calendar events. Adding Tandem's Google Marketplace app allows you to select Tandem as the conference service for the meeting.

Another way to do this is to download Tandem's Chrome Extension. You may need to delete and recreate a recurring meeting in order to see the button pop up

Moving your meetings to Tandem anchors your team to app for the duration of your pilot and ensures you'll have opportunities to collaborate there during pre-established times. This unlocks the opportunity for hallway conversations between meetings!

Keep the app open and use it for quick calls

Instead of using familiar tools for real-time  calls, ask your team to keep the app open throughout the week and divert those conversations into Tandem to get a sense for how it feels.

Teammates can set up a Do Not Disturb schedule under preferences > notifications so they won't be bothered during off-work hours.