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Tandem for employee onboarding

Tandem is especially helpful when it comes to supporting and mentoring new teammates. Here's a few tips for how to leverage Tandem as you scale your team.

Wave for quick questions

If your new teammate has a question, waving at you can be a great way to initiate a short conversation instead of relying on async chat. When they wave at you you'll receive a desktop notification. If you click on it you'll enter into a call with them, or you can always wave back at them or call them later.

Hang in a Tandem rooms for support and co-working

Another thing your teammate can do when they have a question or when they want to signal they're open to conversation is hang out in a Tandem room. Create a room for this function and when people join that room, you'll receive a desktop notification. Whenever you're free, you or others on your team can pop in to check in on them,  work alongside them.

Get notified when someone is available

Tandem gives your new teammate a sense of your presence (if you're busy, in a meeting, in focus mode) but if your teammate wants to contact you while you're busy, they can have Tandem "notify when free"