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The quickest way to pilot Tandem

If you're considering checking out Tandem with your team, it's possible to test the promise of improved communication and collaboration within a few days without doing much project management or internal selling.

Most teams have adopted Tandem casually from the bottom up and our flexible free trial period means you can just jump into the pool to see how the water feels.

You can snag an invite link to your Tandem team by clicking on the plus sign in the Tandem app.

If you want to take a more intentional approach than just dropping an invite link in Slack, here's a few ideas:

Choose a team or two to start

Starting with focused groups allows for more a more intentional and iterative pilot. Ideally, start with people that tend to communicate with each other frequently throughout the week since they'll find an organic fit with Tandem out of the gate.

Move your meetings to Tandem for one week

Move any meetings that only involve those people to Tandem (ie: team syncs, daily standups, and 1<>1s) for one week.

We have two simple ways to get Tandem meeting links into Google Calendar events. Adding Tandem's Google Marketplace app allows you to select Tandem as the conference service for the meeting.

Another way to do this is to download Tandem's Chrome Extension. You may need to delete and recreate a recurring meeting in order to see the button pop up

Moving your meetings to Tandem anchors your team to app for the duration of your pilot and ensures you'll have opportunities to collaborate there during pre-established times. This unlocks the opportunity for hallway conversations between meetings!

Keep the app open and use it for quick calls

Instead of using familiar tools for real-time  calls, ask your team to keep the app open throughout the week and divert those conversations into Tandem to get a sense for how it feels.

Teammates can set up a Do Not Disturb schedule under preferences > notifications so they won't be bothered during off-work hours.