, 2021

Sharing audio

See this page on our site for instruction to set up Audio sharing so you can listen to music together with your team, watch videos together, etc.

, 2021

Changing your company domain in Tandem

While admins can change their team name in Tandem preferences, they aren't currently able to update the email domain.

Having the proper domain listed in Tandem allows for a few admin settings to be utilized:

Allow anyone with a verified email address (ie: to automatically join

Restrict access to members of the organization (ie: prevent users without email addresses to join)

If you have changed your domain (ie: it used to be but it's now and want to update your domain and the email addresses for your team, message us in Tandem or email us at

If you are using a completely new domain with new email accounts, you may want to simply create a new Tandem team and abandon your older one.

, 2021

Tandem for Apple M1 Silicon computers

If you're using an Apple M1 computer, make sure you are running Silicon version of the Tandem app. It can be downloaded from our website directly:

This version resolves the random, repeated crashing that M1 users experienced when running Tandem.

, 2021

Preparing your network for Tandem calls

On occasion, Tandem cannot use the full internet to connect our calls properly. This may be due to network or computer configuration, and we will alert you when this situation is detected.

If you are able to make changes to your networking setup, the following steps can help improve your call quality.

Tandem will use TCP to connect to the following hosts for data:**

Tandem will use TCP and UDP to connect to the following hosts for media:



Tandem will use outbound UDP ports 10,000 - 20,000.

TCP will be used if these UDP ports are blocked, which can degrade overall call quality for all participants.

For additional information on optimizing your network configuration, please see Google's recommendations for Meet:

Preparing your network for Tandem calls

, 2021

Privacy Policy

See our full privacy policy on our website: