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How You Can Improve Communication Within Your Virtual Team

Effective communication is essential for success in the modern world of remote working and virtual teams. Communication is the key to successful collaboration, and it is especially important in virtual teams which rely heavily on remote interactions. As more employees are working from home, it is important to ensure that teams are able to communicate effectively in order to achieve their goals.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that can be implemented to improve communication in virtual teams. Here, we share five of them with you:

5 Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams

In today’s global world, virtual teams are the norm. To ensure their success, effective communication is essential. Here are six ways to improve communication in virtual teams.

Don't Bombard the Team with Messages

The first tip is to avoid bombarding the team with messages. In virtual teams, reaching out to everyone on the team multiple times a day with updates and questions can be tempting. However, this can quickly become overwhelming for the team. Instead, it’s better to establish clear communication protocols and ensure that everyone is aware of them.

Establish Norms for Communication

Effective communication is essential for successful collaboration with the increasing prevalence of virtual teams. Establishing norms for communication is a key factor in improving communication in virtual teams.

Norms are a set of rules and expectations that guide how people interact with one another. Regarding virtual team communication, norms define how team members should communicate with each other, when and how often to communicate, and how to use communication tools.

Match the Tech You Use to the Task

By aligning the technology with the task at hand, you can ensure that you use the most effective tools for your particular purpose. If you are trying to collaborate on a project, some platforms allow you to do that differently. For instance, if you prefer video chat, Tandem is the best choice. By choosing the right technology for the job, you can ensure that your virtual team members have the tools they need to communicate effectively.

Establish Respect and Professionalism

Establishing respect and professionalism through effective communication is essential for the success of any virtual team. Open communication is key to creating an atmosphere of respect and professionalism. Encourage team members to speak up and share their ideas openly. Make sure everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone’s contributions are valued.

It is also important to respect each other’s cultural differences. Showing respect for everyone’s beliefs, customs, and values can help create a more productive and harmonious team.

Encourage Feedback

Feedback is an important part of any successful team, virtual or otherwise. It is an essential tool for understanding how each team member performs and how the team can work together to improve communication. Encouraging feedback can help to create a safe and open environment where team members feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas.

In the virtual world, feedback can be challenging due to the lack of face-to-face interaction. However, there are still ways to encourage feedback. For instance, team members can be asked to provide feedback via email or online survey tools. This can help to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to provide their input. Additionally, team members can be encouraged to use video chatting tools to have more of a “face-to-face” experience.


Virtual teams face unique challenges when it comes to communication. But by following the tips we shared above, you can improve your remote team's communication and boost collaboration. Remember that being respectful and professional, not bombarding the team with unnecessary messages, and utilizing the right virtual office platform for your team's needs can all help make communicating easier

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