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July Updates

Call Reliability and Quality

  • Fix for missing (black) video streams in certain conditions.
  • Improved call setup experience.
  • Reduced frozen video issues.
  • Numerous other fixes, mitigations, and infrastructure improvements.

Tandem for iOS

👉 Get Tandem for iOS on the App Store 👈

Your virtual office—now in your pocket. Tandem for iPhone and iPad allows you to see who's talking on your team and join meetings, rooms, and conversations while on the go.

  • See who's around and tap on a teammate to 👋 wave or talk!
  • See what rooms or meetings are active, and 👂listen in with a tap.
  • Do a 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️walking 1-on-1 to break up the day.
  • Take your meetings on the go.
  • View screen share.
  • Audio-first experience, but you can also send and receive videos (beta)

Launch Zoom/Meet meetings from Tandem

Now, you can see, join, and launch Meet/Zoom meetings in Tandem.

When a meeting event has a Meet/Zoom (or other service), you can choose to start the meeting in Tandem or launch the conferencing service (admins can set team-wide defaults). Your teammates will see you in the meeting room on Tandem and can join you in Meet/Zoom.

You'll automatically leave the meeting room at the meeting end time, or you can click Leave to remove yourself from the meeting.

While on Meet/Zoom you can switch to Tandem in 1-click (meeting details panel → Switch to Tandem). All the participants will be added to a new Tandem call.

Never be late to a meeting: Meeting Reminders let you auto-join the meeting exactly on time, and will show both a Meet/Zoom button and a Tandem button. To activate, go to Settings > Meetings > Show meeting reminders.

In case you missed it:

  • G Suite Add-on to add Tandem meeting links to scheduled events. - Learn more
  • Meeting reminders - Never be late to a meeting - Learn more
  • Same Physical Room (prevent echo/feedback on hybrid calls) - Learn more
  • Notify me when a teammate is free - Learn more


  • 📡 Improved Google Calendar syncing
  • 🔗 Copying meeting links is now more accessible in and out of calls
  • 📆 Browser meetings are now supported in Safari (beta)
  • Hovering over teammates listening to Spotify shows cover art (requires Spotify integration)
  • Chat supports up to 30MB uploads
  • Mighty Browser is supported in Tandem
  • In the main app, calls now show profile images instead of a blue circle
  • Refreshed images and text in integration settings pages
  • Improved in-call More Options menu (three dots).
  • Mute everyone now mutes yourself as well.
  • Pressing CMD + W during a call will ask you to confirm before leaving
  • Added a setting for disabling same room wifi modal
  • Added a team admin setting to make meeting titles private
  • Starting or joining a crosstalk automatically unmutes you


  • Fixed bug where you call someone but they don't show up in your callbox right away
  • Fixed unanswered callers not leaving automatically
  • Fixed an issue with local time when hovering over a teammate tooltip
  • Fixed bug with empty video unit when toggling blur quickly
  • Fixed room covers not working properly
  • Fixed a few issues when using "Same room" feature (prevent echo and feedback during hybrid in-person / remote calls).
  • Fixed various call participant actions (invite participants, make dj, wave from details pane, click on music, call user from chat)
  • Fixed stuck members in call box
  • Fixed celebration emojis for web calls
  • Fixed for load more messages shown in call window
  • Fixed layout issues with small call window
  • Fixed screenshare overlay still hanging out after call is done
  • Fixed the scrollbar showing up sometimes on call window
  • Fixed window sizing causing windows to float to front
  • Fixed widescreen video streams looking squished