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Tandem 2.0 live on Product Hunt!

We started Tandem when my two co-founders each had kids and started working remotely. We missed the flow and camaraderie of working together, so we started building. Since then, my co-founders' kids are walking and talking (and high-fiving us on Tandem), and we've been joined by a truly world-class set of builders and thinkers that have pushed our vision of Tandem further and further.

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We're launching three major new features today on Product Hunt:

πŸ‘₯ Team Tables: a new casual mode to unlock serendipity and co-working!

πŸ“± Android is here: It's a virtual office in your pocket!

πŸ“… Never be late to a Meeting: stay in flow with Meeting Reminders and Auto-Join. No need to check your calendar!