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Virtual Backgrounds! + September updates

We recently launched background blur. Now by popular demand, we've added virtual backgrounds. Here's a demo video:

Screenshare improvements:

  • More bandwidth-efficient screenshare
  • Allow screenshare viewers to adjust the quality of the screenshare
  • while screensharing, fade cursors after 5 second of not moving
  • Ability to stop someone’s screenshare - e.g. if they forgot to stop screensharing (click on their name in the call box)


  • If someone’s in a Zoom/Meet meeting on Tandem, you can still call them (you'll be warned first)
  • In the Meeting Details side panel (click on a meeting title in the team list), you can invite meeting participants to Tandem in a click.

Other call improvements

  • Renamed “Start side conversation” to “Invite to a new conversation” in user menu
  • On a call, there's an “Add people” button in the triple dot menu
  • Leave calls quietly (only play a leave sound when you/they become the last person)
  • Small improvements to Same Room (hybrid calls) feature - e.g. the "Same Wifi Detected" dialog is always on top
  • Chat improvements: emoji responses are larger, shortcodes (like Slack, but no autocomplete), no jittering, delete or copy messages (right-click on the message), fix for double-sending messages on disconnect
  • Fixed cases where reconnect could get stuck
  • Fixed missing streams when other users reconnect
  • Fixed “chonky” video when HD mode and FPS mitigation kicks in
  • Fixed custom apps not showing up as presence on Windows
  • Fixed issues with Crosstalk being lost