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Background Blur, GSuite Add-On, Bug Fixes

Background Blur

Find this on the Start Camera button in device settings. (Note: not recommended if you've disabled GPU acceleration)

Google Calendar Add-on

You can now add Tandem as a meeting option for yourself or your organization. You can meet with anyone—not just in your team—and they can join in-browser or download Tandem. Note: they won't be added to your team automatically, but if they're part of your org, they may be able to join your team (admins can control this in Settings > Preferences > Teams).

👉 Get the GSuite Add-On Here.

Alternatively, add the Chrome Extension Scheduler.

UX Improvements

  • Notify-when-free: You can now get notified for teammates who are recently away (bright orange dot). Right click on a teammate to get notified when they're free.
  • in-call chat: added a red dot for unread messages.
  • Hide irrelevant rooms with an easy expander toggle ('more rooms')
  • clear unread waves after 24 hours
  • custom status will be published to all your teams (not just active team)

Bug Fixes and Infra

  • Infra for call reliability, scaling, and performance form the bulk of our efforts.
  • Call connection bug fixes
  • On Windows, better fallback logic for choosing audio and video devices.
  • Fixed screenshare from browser
  • Fixed bugs with Crosstalk (flexible large-group conversations) and
  • Fixed custom room background covers not showing up
  • Fixed /random broken on cross-team and cross-org calls
  • Fixed several frontend and backend crashing bugs.
  • Polished: Lock room in dark mode.

In case you missed it:

Never be late to a meeting again.
Catch teammates when they're not focusing or in a meeting.