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Adding a Room, Music room, or Hybrid Space

Rooms, Music Rooms, and Hybrid Spaces are always-on places for conversation that you and your teammates can join to connect spontaneously.

They can be used for co-working, casual conversation, new-hire onboarding, support, or collaboration.

Each can have tailored membership, and each member can choose whether or not they'd like to receive desktop notification invitations whenever teammates join that room.


These are ideal for remote teams!

Teams often have one room per team, per function, or per project. In general, the fewer rooms your team has, the greater the likelihood of "running into" teammates in a given room.

Since rooms can be used in a number of ways, it's a good idea to brainstorm and iterate with your team about how you'd like to use them. Teams will need to keep the app open throughout their day to allow for spontaneous encounters to be possible.

Music rooms

If many or most of your teammates have Spotify Premium, then adding a music room can be a great way to listen to music together while co-working.

The first teammate to join a Music Room is the DJ, and the DJ can make another teammate in the call the DJ by clicking on their name in the call window.

Note: Teammates without Spotify Premium will not be able to listen to music in Music Rooms.

Hybrid Spaces

For teams that have a physical office (or two!) Hybrid Spaces allow remote teammates to visit the office through any number of camera + mic + screen kiosks placed in that office.

This allows for a strong degree of spontaneous connection with remote teammates and reduces friction to casual conversation, quick chats, or impromptu collaboration.

If you have at least 5 people per day in the office and are curious to learn more about our newest initiative, please contact us at hybrid@tandem.chat