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Improving call performance

If you are experiencing are experiencing latency, choppy audio, pixelated video or having a hard time staying connected to a video call, it may be due to poor wifi or network conditions.

Here are a few practical compromises you can take in real-time to improve call performance. These same steps will also help reduce CPU.

Turn off your video

This reduces the number of streams that need to be processed and may help you continue to listen and speak during the call more easily.

Hide videos

Click on the three dots in the call box, and select hide videos. This may help you continue to listen and speak.

Energy saver mode

Also found under the three dots in the call box. This makes the video streams for the entire call low-res for everyone on the call so it will impact the experience for everyone but can help you stay connected.

Stop screensharing and share a link instead

When you or a teammate shares their screen on Tandem it adds another video stream to the call. If you're looking at a page together, sharing that link and viewing it independently on your computers may help.