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Tandem encrypts all communications between servers and clients (chat, data and voice / video) using technologies like SRTP, SSL, and WSS. All of our servers and critical services are secured using 2-factor authentication. Tandem has limited visibility into your apps (only window names, titles & urls) and does not transmit any app data other than what is shared with your team. You can choose whether or not to share work app data with your team in the "work app sharing" tab of Tandem Preferences.

We use WebRTC for our audio and video streams and HTTPS / WSS for our transport protocols, so the communication we transmit is always encrypted. Because we focus on real-time communication, we simply pass through the majority of the data used without storing it.

We take our users privacy very seriously. We will never eavesdrop on their conversations or record them without their knowledge. We will never store their work data other than information that they voluntarily share with us. We collect data about how our features are used and any errors users encounter for sole the purposes of making the services better and will not be sold for any reason or shared with a third party without the user’s permission.