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The difference between Rooms, Meetings, and Conversations

Tandem provides three different ways to communicate with your team on Tandem. The call mechanics are mostly the same in each, but they serve the different ways teammates communicate with each other.


Rooms are most valuable for unscheduled, spontaneous communication: coffee chats in the morning, water cooler convos, silent co-working, a room that teammates go to when they want help or feedback etc.

All rooms are visible and accessible to all teammates in your Tandem team, each teammate sees the same room list. Users can disable room notifications for rooms they aren't interested in.

Music rooms that allow you to DJ for your teammates, although everyone needs to have Spotify plus to utilize them. Music rooms are great for lightweight socializing or co-working.

When a teammate enters a room, others who are subscribed to room notifications for that room get a desktop notif "Hillary just entered Coffee Room" which can encourage others to hop in there if they have some free time.

To add an emoji to your room name type Control + Command + Space for Mac

Hybrid Spaces are a new feature that requires some setup for Hybrid (partly in-person, partly remote) teams. Please contact hybrid@tandem.chat if your team has an office and you'd like to learn more.


Conversations are most valuable when you wish to talk to someone directly. Hover over their name and click "talk" or "video" to call them. This is a great way to reduce friction between your teammates when working remotely.


Meeting rooms populate in Tandem when you or a teammate integrates calendar. Temporary rooms are created for internal meetings, they pop up a bit beforehand and disappear afterwards. When your whole team integrates their calendars, Tandem becomes a hub for all your internal communications and you can see at a glance what everyone is up to.