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Tandem Chrome Extension

šŸ‘‰ Get the Chrome extension here šŸ‘ˆ

Tandem's Chrome Extension allows you to do a few things!

Easily schedule meetings in Tandem by adding a meeting link to events as you're scheduling them in Google calendar.

People who are invited to the meeting can click the link to join the meeting in their Tandem app. You can invite anyone to meet with you in Tandem however! New users will be guided to download the app, and if they're not invited to your team will be able to join the meeting from their own Tandem team.

The Chrome extension also allows you to see shared cursors from other teammates who have the Chrome extension installed when you're in a call together so you can more easily collaborate.

You can also send the current tab you are viewing to your teammates with a click. Just click the Tandem button in the Extensions area next to your browser's URL bar to get started.

Finally, on Linux, this extension adds the URL of the page you are viewing to the tab title so that Tandem can share work app statuses.