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When and how to wave at a teammate

When to wave

If you want to say hello or chat with a teammate but don't want to disturb them if they're busy or in deep focus mode, you can wave at them by hovering over their name in the Tandem team list and clicking the wave button.

How to wave

When you wave at a teammate, they receive a desktop notification. They can click on it to start a conversation with you, hover over the notif and click the reply button to send you a message, or ignore the wave.

Missed waves / waving back

If your teammate doesn't respond to your wave, or if they didn't see it because they were away from their computer, they will see a little wave emoji notification next to your name in the main Tandem window.

By hovering over your name, it will remove the wave emoji. They'll also see an option to wave back which - you guessed it - waves at you!