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Why Work Group Chat Apps Should Still Be Used in the Office

Many who use team chat apps today didn't know what they were a few years back. Here's why it makes sense to continue using a work group chat app:

Many people who use team chat apps today didn't know what they were a few years back. But since the pandemic started, the number of people using team chat apps and virtual offices like Tandem has risen to millions - a clear example of how the pandemic has been an enormous force that drove companies to adjust to remote work.

Among all the tools that companies had to try, team chat apps like Tandem are the ones that have evidently made remote work a lot easier. Many would even agree that they're what made remote work possible. But it's important to know that these tools are for more than remote work. After all, these tools will continue to be useful even as teams leave their makeshift workspace at home for the office.

Here are some of the reasons it makes sense to continue using a work group chat app as you go back to your office:

You Can Control Which Messages You See

Unlike the long work email threads of the past, team chat apps allow you to choose the channels you want to be or need to be a part of, so you only see relevant messages. You can also quickly leave a thread you're not interested in without having to send that awkward message asking to "please remove me from this thread."

You Can Keep Internal and External Communication Apart

Back when there were no team chat apps, all your conversations were in your email, whether from a colleague, a family member, or a client. While emails work perfectly fine for clients that you only have to message every once in a while or a family member you keep in touch with on holidays, there are better platforms for a team that needs constant communication.

Work group chat apps allow you to separate work-related messages from messages that have nothing to do with work. And the best thing is you won't have to worry about accidentally sending internal messages to someone who's not supposed to get them outside of your team.

You Can Prevent In-Person Interruptions

It can be challenging to stay focused when you're constantly being interrupted by people in your office. Luckily, there are effective ways to prevent these interruptions from happening. One way is to use chat and collaboration tools like Tandem.

These tools can help you stay connected with your team without having to be in the same room. You can have conversations and share files without worrying about being interrupted. And, if you need to step away from your desk, you can also set your status to "Do Not Disturb" so that you won't be bothered.

Another benefit of using these tools is that you can keep track of all the conversations you're having. This can be helpful when you have to refer back to something or if you want to follow up on a conversation later. You can also search for specific keywords in the conversation history to find what you're searching for quickly and easily.

You Can Easily Communicate Across Different Rooms, Floors, and Locations

If you work in a large office, you know it can be difficult to communicate with people on different floors or in other parts of the building. But with Teams, Chat, and Slack, you can easily connect with anyone, no matter where they are.


Just because you're back in the office doesn't mean you should stop using things that have been helpful in a remote setup. Work group chat apps, among others, have proven to be a vital tool for communication, and they are just as useful in an office setup as when you work from home.

Tandem is a work group chat app that makes it easy for you to communicate and collaborate with your teammates no matter where you are. Check out what Tandem can do for you today!