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How to schedule a meeting in Tandem

Hosting meetings in Tandem is a great way to unlock usage with your team. It's also a great way to introduce people to Tandem who aren't on your team (they can join the meeting in browser!)

Note: if your company isn't on Gsuite, skip to the bottom for instructions on generating a Tandem meeting link

1. Integrate Google Calendar

If you're on GSuite and haven't yet integrated Calendar, connect it in Tandem preferences.

2. Download Tandem's Google Marketplace app

Downloading Tandem's marketplace app allows you to select Tandem as the call service for a meeting.

Note: if your company's admin restrictions prevent you from downloading our Marketplace app, see the option below to generate a meeting link in the desktop app.

3. Move an existing meeting to Tandem

If your are the organizer for an event (or have edit privileges) you can change a meeting to Tandem by clicking on the caret in the event.

Generate a Tandem meeting link

If you click "new meeting" in the Tandem desktop app you can copy a randomized meeting link which you can add anywhere you wish!