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Meeting Rooms

What are Meeting Rooms?

Meeting Rooms are an experimental feature for Tandem users with Google Calendar. Tandem will automatically create a room for your scheduled Google Calendar meetings so that you can stay on top of your team's schedule and easily hold team meetings within Tandem.

The Meeting Room will appear in the main Tandem window 10 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start. You can interact with Meeting Rooms just like regular Rooms-- join/exit a conversation, lock a room, or send a chat message to everyone in the room.

When the last person leaves the Meeting Room, and the scheduled meeting time has ended, the room will disappear!

How are Meeting Rooms created?

As an experimental feature, Meeting Rooms are currently only set up for Google Calendar users. First, you will need to make sure that your Google Calendar is integrated with Tandem (you can see this in Settings > Calendar Settings). There you can choose what details will be shown to your team. Once connected, Tandem will populate a Meeting Room when there is a scheduled calendar event including at least one additional member of your team in Tandem. This does not include meetings with any people outside of your Tandem team.

Meeting Room Visibility

We will not show calendar events that are only booked for you (no additional invitees). We will also not show calendar events scheduled for you plus people outside of your team.

Only teammates invited to the meeting will see the Meeting Room before the meeting starts. Meeting rooms will become visible to your whole team once another person joins.

Turning off Meeting Rooms

You can turn off Meeting Rooms by going to Settings > Preferences > Experimental Stuff, and toggle off "Meetings."