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4 Benefits of Using Virtual Chat Apps for Your Business

If you're a business that isn't using work group chat apps, you're missing out. Here are benefits of using virtual chat apps for your organization.

One previously unconventional thing that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated into normalcy is remote work. As nations closed down their borders and kept people indoors, companies had to find a way to adapt and keep communicating with each other. Luckily, virtual chat apps had already been developed and have since continued to improve.

If you're a business that isn't using work group chat apps, you're sorely missing out. Here are four benefits of using virtual chat apps for your organization.

1. Increased Collaboration

With the rise of remote work, virtual chat apps are the perfect way to stay connected and collaborate with colleagues, no matter where they're located.

Virtual chat apps come with a range of features and benefits. For example, some apps allow users to create and join chat rooms, while others provide video conferencing capabilities. Many apps also offer document sharing, file storage, and task management, making it easy to collaborate on projects.

The use of virtual chat apps can also help to improve team morale. With the ability to connect and share ideas in real-time, colleagues can feel more connected to each other and more motivated to work on projects. This can lead to improved productivity and job satisfaction.

2. Improved Communication

Frontline workers play a critical role in any organization, providing the services and support that keep operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, they are often the last to receive important updates and information due to antiquated and inefficient communication methods.

Bulletin boards, in-person meetings, and emails are all too often the only ways to reach frontline workers, leaving them out of the loop and unable to stay informed.

However, the advent of new technologies has changed the game regarding communication with frontline teams. Team apps provide an easy and efficient way to keep frontline workers in the loop and ensure they receive real-time messages. This makes a massive difference for frontline organizations, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

3. Increased Productivity

Virtual chat apps allow faster decision-making and problem-solving, reducing the time required to complete tasks. Without the need to schedule lengthy meetings and work around people's availability, teams can communicate quickly and effectively, getting their work done faster.

Virtual chat apps make it easier for remote teams to stay connected and collaborate, as they can communicate in real-time and share documents, files, images, and audio messages. This increases productivity, as teams can work on tasks together without being in the same physical space.

4. Cost Savings

Virtual chat applications allow companies to run their operations without having an office. With the implementation of safety protocols, companies had to figure out how to work remotely.

Even after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, many organizations have continued to use a fully-remote system, eliminating the need for an expensive office and reducing the cost of overhead. Moreover, employees no longer have to physically go to the office, saving on the cost of transportation as well.


Overall, virtual chat apps are an excellent way for businesses and organizations to stay connected with their colleagues while saving on costs and increasing productivity. With their features and benefits, these apps help improve communication, collaboration, and team morale.

Whether you’re running a fully-remote operation or a hybrid workspace, virtual chat apps are the way to go. Tandem offers everything you need and more in a video chat application, and you can try it for free. Sign up today to learn more.