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No meeting links, no waiting around.

See who's around, talk, and collaborate in one click.

See who's around, talk in one click.

Get a sense of what’s going on in your office, and who’s available to chat.

Meeting widgets

Supercharge your calls with meeting widgets - Start a timer, get a randomized list of participants, add agenda items or a poll, or put on some background music to set the mood.

Screen sharing with visible cursors

Interact, collaborate, and whiteboard as if you were in the same room with our instant screensharing, remote control, and visible cursors.

High-Fives & Reactions

Break the ice and celebrate your wins with high-fives and emoji reactions.



Breakout into different discussion groups in one click.

In-Browser meetings for external guests

No desktop app? No problem! Anyone can now join your Tandem calls in browser.


Calendar Integration & Scheduling

Schedule Tandem meetings directly from Google Calendar with our add-on or Chrome extension!

200+ Integrations

Tandem connects with most work apps for seamless collaboration.

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Standup meetings are quick, daily check-ins that enable small, collaborative teams to communicate, get focused, and remain actively engaged. At Tandem, our 15-20 minutes standups are pretty much a daily habit at this point. They help us stay on track and remind us of what we’re working towards.
6 Tips To Make Your Virtual Meetings More Meaningful
It takes the average person 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on track after they join a meeting. When you pair that up with the amount of meetings we have to attend, now that we are all hybrid and remote, the hidden costs can quickly add up.
Hybrid Anxiety and Hybrid Optimism: The Near Future of Work
In response to the pandemic, tech companies have announced a wide range of policies concerning remote work. Apple, Facebook, Google, and Salesforce have embraced hybrid models, allowing for some remote work but requiring that all employees work from the office on certain days (or that certain employ…