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What access does Tandem have on your desktop?

We are committed to privacy and helping you understand how Tandem works.

On All Platforms, Tandem requests the following permissions:

Microphone (for talking to teammates)

Camera (only when video is turned on, for talking to teammates)

On Mac, Tandem uses the NSWorkspace API to access your current foregrounded window. It uses Applescript (aka Automation permission) to request the current URL from Chrome and Safari

On Windows, Tandem uses the Windows Process API (GetForegroundWindow) to determine the foregrounded process name & window title. It uses the Windows Accessibility API to read the URL from your currently active Chrome and Edge browser.

On Linux, Tandem uses native unix command xprop to determine the foreground window and its title.

What kind of app data do we transmit?
The app context processing happens locally on your client via Javascript. in addition, your app presence is held in a transient memory cache on our server just so we can push to other clients - that’s never persisted