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March Product Updates

There are three ways to have meetings on Tandem:

1) Automatic Meeting Rooms (Google Calendar only for now) - Meetings with internal participants will automatically appear in Tandem.

2) Quick Meetings  - Click + to create a quick meeting.

3) Meeting Links - Get a link from + and put it into Calendar (scheduler chrome extension coming soon!)

Meeting Links work like other meeting apps - they give recipients access to the meeting, but not your team. If they don't have Tandem, they'll be prompted to install, then taken straight to the meeting (browser-mode coming soon!).

🛠 Infra and Call Quality

  • Significant call and screenshare changes under the hood:
  • Faster connect times
  • higher quality video + screenshare
  • Screenshare quality improvements.
  • Screenshare pinch/scroll to zoom-in.
  • Bug fixes - Apple M1 camera issue, bluetooth devices.

You can now control the video layout

  • Max Videos allows you to control how many videos you see per page. If you're having network issues, less videos is better (we do some automatic adjustment here).

✋ High-Five

In expanded mode, click the hand to high-five a teammate!

🕰  In case you missed it

Remember lunchtime group conversations with your team? In-person conversations are dynamic, spontaneous, with sub-conversations forming and re-forming fluidly. Now you can have these flexible group conversations with our Crosstalk feature!

To start a crosstalk, click on the button in the top-left of your teammate's video. You'll still hear the main conversation, but at a lower volume. Moving between Crosstalk sub-conversations is easy - just click on who you want to talk with. Each Crosstalk will be assigned a random colorful emoji to help tell them apart.

Bug Fixes

  • fix for old meetings showing up
  • fixed upcoming meetings bugs
  • fix multiple client presence issues
  • chat paste crash
  • fix screenshare + camera off issue if you toggle camera
  • Fixed bugs with Crosstalk

UX Improvements

  • '/random' has better formatting
  • Minor polish on Dark Mode